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Version: 3.1
GCS/CM/E/IT/M d-? s:+>: a C++++$ UBL+++
P++(---) L++ E--- W++ !N- !o K- w++$
!O---- !M- V PS+++ PE Y+>++ PGP>++
!t 5 !X- R-* !tv b+++ DI++
D+ G e+++ h----? r+++ y++++ 

Huh? Well, I know geek codes are by far obsolete … What about this one?

------------- OmniCode 0.1.6 ------------
sxy cm178 kg86 skf8c5a6 ha261f19 ey605d58
esO sp= Ag1980 anE hds Lo50,40N-30,65E RlM
Kd1x MBINTJ FHb UF? IN4 AdS Pr*(7)
- Omnicode http://www.gadgeteer.net/omnicode/ -

(Decode …)

To be honest, I think all these codes are pretty useless - but the same is true for textual description anyway, so these are of the same usefulness as “Hi! My name is …” (which is Alexander Tsvyashchenko, by the way ) Also I live in Kiev, Ukraine - if that tells you anything …)

I believe that if you are really interested in someone’s personality, you always need smth more than a paragraph or two of text, but okay, just to fill up the space a bit: what is not mentioned in the codes is that I have wonderful wife and daughter!