Here’s the partial list of my software and research projects. This list is by no means complete - I’ve included mainly the projects that either can be useful for somebody or have nice pictures as illustrations

Contract projects

These are some examples of projects I’ve done working as independent contractor for different companies.

Typically I cannot give full description and show real-world examples here, as all information here is filtered by customers to exclude things they didn’t want me to show to the public, but still it can be interesting, I hope.


During the work at Materialise research division (2000 - 2007), I’ve done numerous projects at the edge of research and development.

Most of these projects resulted in implementations included in major Materialise products.

According to the contract terms, I cannot give detailed info on projects implementation, but I can describe the achieved results for some of them.

I list here mainly the projects that are more or less easily explainable to the persons not directly involved in Rapid Prototyping industry, as well as have “nice”, easily visualizable results.

I did not include here some of the projects that I consider even more successful or important, but which are not easily “representable” to the public.

Please also note that final versions of these algorithms included in Materialise software are often not the result of my efforts only: while all these algorithms were started and implemented by me for their first version, a lot of them were later extended and seriously improved by members of Materialise AlgoTeam that I led in period 2003 - 2007. Excellent work, guys!

  • 2D center line calculation - robust calculation of center line for noisy polygons.
  • Curvature estimation - robust estimation of surface curvature on meshes.
  • Denoising - reducing the noise on triangle meshes, with volume preservation.
  • Pointcloud triangulation - triangulating the set of 3D points that represent some 3D shape.
  • Reducing - reducing the number of triangles in triangle meshes while retaining geometric mesh quality.
  • Remeshing - improving mesh triangles quality.

Open-source projects

These are the projects I’ve done in my free time, many of them are dated back in 2000 - 2003 when I was the student and had some time to experiment with all that stuff … Thus, please indulge ugly things you might see there, that’s not the way I would done it if I started these projects now.

Most of the projects weren’t actually developed up to the level where I would consider wide public release appropriate. Thus, do not expect “production-grade quality” or completeness from any of these.

  • mod_archive2 - next generation of mod_archive_odbc.
  • mod_archive_odbc - server-side message archiving module for ejabberd Jabber server implementing XEP-136.
  • FastSig - fast, small, yet generic enough and portable implementation of signals/slots mechanism for C++.
  • Redmine wiki external filter plugin - allows defining macros that process macro argument using external filter program and render its result in Redmine wiki.
  • Prelude Trigger - small daemon for Prelude IDS that allows firing active responses for detected attacks, in Python.
  • DictD++ - fast, feature-rich and portable dictionary server that implements DICT protocol, in C++.
  • WolCub printer driver - virtual printer driver for Windows that allows to output documents in WOL file format which is understood by lBook electronic books (description is in Russian).
  • libwsw & wswutil - C++ library and its simple command-line front-end for client-side XEP-136 support (not completed).
  • Unrawel - small library and utility for processing RAW images from digital cameras, including their initial interpolation and subsequent post-processing, in C++.
  • Zadolbator - simple Jabber reminder component, in Ruby.
  • ChordExplorer - simple guitar chords visualization and exploration program, in Ruby.
  • Gravacacher - extremely light HTTP caching server for gravatars, in Ruby.
  • This site (new) - information on tools and techniques used for this site creation, new (Drupal-based) version.
  • This site (old) - information on tools and techniques used for this site creation, old (static) version.

Embedded projects