Psi spell-checking: hunspell support


Patch for Psi 0.13 that adds support for hunspell spell-checker.

Update: multilang patch for Enchant is also available.

General info

Note: this patch also contains Psi spell-checking for multiple languages aspell patch, as hunspell patch provides multiple languages support and requires the same changes to interfaces.

The main reason for hunspell integration was that it’s much easier to compile hunspell on Win32 platforms than aspell, and besides that hunspell seems to become the standard de-facto for spell-checking support, so the engine and its dictionaries are going to be more readily available than aspell ones.

The patch was tested on Win32 platform only, but hopefully should also work correctly for *nixes.

Personal dictionaries are not supported - the option “add to dictionary” works, but hunspell library does not have the option to save/load personal dictionaries (that feature is part of command-line hunspell version only, not hunspell library itself).


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