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PaX and Clang sanitizers, or some random notes on the crossbreeding of adders and hedgehogs


TL;DR: patches for running Clang sanitizers under PaX-enabled kernels are at the bottom of the post.

Redmine wiki external filter plugin is released


Redmine wiki external filter plugin allows defining macros that process macro argument using external filter program and render its result in Redmine wiki, see full description.

Psi spell-checking: hunspell support


Patch for Psi 0.13 that adds support for hunspell spell-checker.

Update: multilang patch for Enchant is also available.

Customizable Weather Plasmoid: animated images patch and GISMETEO weather support


Small patch for KDE 4 Customizable Weather Plasmoid to support animated images in “satellite images” view and config for GISMETEO weather support.

Update 2009.08.07: starting from CWP 0.9.11 animated images support and GISMETEO config are now in official CWP distribution, thanks to CWP author for prompt response! Moreover, as far as I see they both were fixed and improved during integration, so I recommend using version 0.9.11 instead of my patches and thus this page is left for historical reasons only.

Linux kernel undervolting patch for AMD processors


Simple patch for 2.6.27 Linux kernel to provide full control over voltages/frequencies of AMD CPUs supporting Cool’n’Quiet technology.

Update: patches for 2.6.31 and 2.6.32 are available too.

Update 2010/02/10: it was pointed out that Linux-PHC project currently provides patches for AMD (see comments for details), so I’d strongly recommend checking their patches first instead of mine.

Patch for aspell 0.60.5 for Win32 compilation


This patch for aspell 0.60.5 makes it possible to compile it natively on Win32. Tested configuration is Microsoft Visual C++ 2008, Win32/x64 targets, but as cmake is used for building, it should handle all other Win32 compilers more or less gracefully also.

mod_archive_odbc release


This article is about mod_archive_odbc: ejabberd implementation of server-side instant messaging history support, also known as XEP-136.

Update: development of this module has stopped, all further development is done in mod_archive2 project.

Psi spell-checking for multiple languages


Simple patch for Psi 0.11-0.13 which adds support for multiple languages in its spell-checking engine.

Электронная отчетность в налоговую

Я недавно организовал сдачу отчетности в налоговую в электронном виде - теперь хочу поделиться своими наблюдениями по этому поводу и описанием решений возникших проблем.

Статья ориентирована в основном на ИТшников-СПДшников, но может быть полезна и остальным, если опустить технические детали.

Update от 2009.01.04: бОльшая часть статьи в связи со сворачиванием приема отчетности, подписанной ключами Нотар, уже неактуальна, детали см. ниже.

Typo patches


While deploying typo weblog system I had to make changes there to fix some problems and add features I needed.

While possibly I’ll send some of these patches to typo developers, most likely they’re a bit hacky to include in the main typo branch - but still, I think, useful as “quick hacks” for those who need it “right here and now”.

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