Pipes corrosion

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In 1998 - 2000 I designed workflow and implemented appropriate programs for Institute of Applicable Geophysics (subsidiary of “Institute of Geophysics”) to support gas pipe corrosion examinations and to model pipe damages. Process flow was built on the basis of Microsoft Excel and AutoCAD products together with the following developed programs:

  • WTH - the VBA script to process, display and import data to the AutoCAD system.
  • SolverEx - the program for fields modeling near pipe damages.

Automation of data import and graphical report construction significantly reduced amount of hand-work and number of errors, and improved efficiency.

Implementation was finished in 2000, but to the best of my knowledge, it’s still used by IAG without modifications.

Used software and technologies: VBA for MS-Excel’97; AutoCAD R14, AutoLisp; C++ Builder 1, 4; Visual C++ 6.0


WTH script is used by engineers who perform measurements of experimental data near pipes and input these data into system. WTH supports quick basic analysis of these data, as well as exports data into AutoCAD for reporting.

AutoCAD report

AutoCAD report preview image


SolverEx is the program to model fields near pipe damages and to compare modeling results to experimental data.

Visualization of 2 damages: point and linear.

SolverEx 3D preview image

Visualization of 2 damages: point and linear plus experimental field.

SolverEx 2D preview image